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Too many funny things happen in this night, people think this is going to be your typical Mister Competition, but it is sheer class!!! The guys that get through to the finals More »

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Hello everybody and welcome to your new Hotel Club Bahamas Ibiza Blog!   I have decided to move with the times and am very excited to communicate with all of you everything More »

Deliciously Healthy!

By Ruth Lindsay

During a typical summer in my job in the Entertainment Team Bahamas I get a lot of comments about how I keep going all day long, and believe me it is not easy at all. First of all, weeks before the hotel even opens, the team is in training, and there is no easy our way in at all. From day one it is full power all the way 6 days a week: sports, dance and the theory of “how to be an entertainer”.

The key is diet, sleep and a lot of determination, but things definately get easier when the hotel opens and we can eat in the restaurant with the clients, as there is so much to choose from. In the mornings we can enjoy a good breakfast to kick start the day as the buffet has everything form hand made yoguhrt and fruit, to cereals, eggs, toast which can be made form on of our many varieties of bread, and of course the continental breakfast of fresh cheeses’ and cold cuts: For lunch and dinner we have a great choice: from fresh salads, meats, vegetables, nuts, rice, etc. But for us entertainers  the huge plus is our live cooking in the Trattoria which is situated at the back of the restaurant, there is fresh fish and meat cooked on a hot plate, or an Italian chef preparing fresh pasta for the days when my body needs that little extra special to burn.

What I also love is our special themed nights which include – Mexican, Spanish, Moroccan and many more. Of course I do burn a lot of calories during the day, but ifIi do not eat the right foods then it just leaves me sluggish and I find itdifficult to keep going, but hey normally once a week on my day off I have my “who cares “ day, you have to have one day off no? jee jee.
Another person It frequently get asked about is guest services manager Karen who often participates in the evening shows and who to this day despite being no spring chicken is a fantastic entertainer still  bursting with energy. Karen herself is trained fitness teacher and vegetarian and a very healthy eater, and loves to take the morning stretching class, and even outside of the hotel makes time to take part in other activities like yoga, pilates, kick boxing, spinning and many more.. She insists that the key to her still being a real power house is keeping fit, and will soon tell you that the moment you stop keeping fit everything seizes up, Karen is a true inspiration to myself and many other guests who come to visit the hotel. Iit doesn’t matter what age you may be, you can still be fit and healthy in your own way!! So come move your little bottoms off those sun loungers and join in with us this summer, we will be waiting for you !!

She loves to say “uh-oh”

Disco time takes place every night at 20:15 in front of the stage and almost every night there is something different in store for our little superstars!

I really enjoy watching their little faces light up everynight, every kid likes something different whether it is just to dance and learn the words of the song in Italian, Spanish, German or English of course. (My favourites are still the hokey cokey and agadoo!!) or to try and win in one of the games; there are some really competitive kids out there!
The wild animal shows are very informative and educational for the kids, as they can learn about reptiles, birds of prey, and giggle at the parrots who are very, very funny little creatures, my favourite is Betty a white cocatu who loves to say Uh oh!( I would like to express that all the  animals are very professionally trained and treated and well taken care of).
In my experience the thing that the kids most look forward to is their specially adapted the kids show!! Last year it was a joy to see those cheeky little monkeys running around during Tarzan, and the variety  of  characters in Alice in Wonderland (my favourite being always the drunken doormouse!!) These kids are so excited to be on the stage with the ents team, and no doubt  they sleep soundly afterwards!

lets chill!!

I just love to join with out “relaxing activities”, “what do you mean by relaxing activities”, i hear you say, well i am talking about joining in with a sport activities, that doesn´t take up too much energy, where i can meet new people and it is not competitive at all!

We have a lot on offer whether it be French Boules on the Beach, where you could also grab a cocktail from the Sal Rossa Beach Bar while you play, Killer Darts, who need to go to the pub, bring your beer and sangria with you, and being a “killer” competition it doesn´t last all day! A few times a week for that little something different a group of us get together in the afternoon when it´s nice and cool to the shooting range and have a go at rifle shooting of archery, i have to say i am no Calamity Jane, but i am a bit of a Maid Marian!


Rocco recommends it!!

One of the nicest things about Hotel Club Bahamas is where it is situated, on the beach, 5 minutes from the airport and 2 minutes walk from the Salinas Nature Park.

Nearly all of the people who go for a walk during the day head towards the right, where Playa den Bossa town is situated, but if you head to the left and keep walking to the end of the beach there is a beautiful forest, where you can see the Salinas salts, the old fishermans´ cove, and of course the famous landmark of Salinas Tower which is a beautifully reformed old salt grinding building situated at the end of Playa den Bossa Beach, its a easy little walk, but if you are a little bit more adventurous, you  can continue from the fishermans cove to Salinas beach, it´s a bumpy ride, but if you are a keen hiker it will be perfect for you. Everyday from November to May when it´s nice and quiet i take my crazy dog Rocco a bit long walk up here, and he thoroughly recommends it too!!

Home away from home

There is on particulary elderly couple who I speak to every year when they visit have told me about all of their fantastic exotic holidays worldwide year after year. They also told me that as the years go on, the thought of taking a long flight and going to somewhere “exotic” and far away has become less appealing, and that is the reason that, for the last few years they have been spending their October holidays in Ibiza. The short flight and proximity of the resort to the airport make travelling less daunting. Initially they used to go to a different hotel at the opposite side of the town, but since it got taken over by another chain 5 years ago it was no longer the same so they tried hotel Bahamas 3 years ago and have never looked back. The staff are all so friendly and welcoming every single visit, and many of them recognise them, and that is special!

Every day they go for a little walk either into town, or into Ibiza which is 15 mins on the bus and the bus stop is right outside the hotel, very handy indeed,  sometimes they also like to take short day outings to either the hippy market, or to the nearby island of Formentera, (which I must say is actually one of my favourite things to do on a day off!! as it  is very pretty and very, very clean!!. Of a night time depending what the entertainment has on, they either stay in the hotel and watch the show, (their favourites are Dirty Dancing and Grease), or they go for a walk and get a drink down the town. But when I asked them “ so you came back again and again because of  the short flight?” They told me that the real reason for their coming back year after year was that they were made to feel special by the great Bahamas staff and now it felt like they had a family away from home … I think that´s lovely don´t you?


The Golden Girls

We have some really, really special clients here in the hotel, and there are 2 large as life characters that spring to mind and who visit every year in May and sometimes also in October. These two lovely ladies have been friends for many years and go on holiday together every year and even though they don’t always stay in the Hotel Club Bahamas Ibiza they visit me anyway.

The ladies usually stay in one of the other hotels on the strip and visit Bahamas of a night , ( I am not sure if this is really allowed, but because the hotel is quieter at this time of the year and as all the staff in the hotel know them and they buy a few little tipples, no one seems to mind). They are always there, in the front row when the entertainment starts at 20:15 with the kids disco time. They love to watch the little ones having so much fun, as there is always a funny little kid in there somewhere. Then comes the ladies’ favourite part of the night –  bingo on the big screen. They appreciate the big screen so as they can see all the numbers clearly, the girls love a good game of bingo, as they always say!! Then straight afterwards its their favourite moment of the night – showtime, Iwhen i am dancing i really love to look out into the audience and see the girls faces during the show, and afterwards I go straight to see them so they can give me all their comments before  they get off back down the road. 2012  promises to be  exciting as the ladies have informed me that they will not be staying at  one of the other hotels in the vicinity:after 4 years of only seeing in them in the night time, I will be seeing them during the day as well, as of course they plan to stay here!!

If you can´t beat ém – join ém!!

A couple  arrived in Hotel Club Bahamas Ibiza during the night in September and as they were very tired they went straight to bed planning to get an early start the next day. And that they did; the following  morning they enjoyed lovely big breakfast, and feeling still a little tired, made their way down to the pool area to relax.There were plenty of sunbeds available so they had no problem in popping their towels down and getting some well deserved rest until 12:30 when the music for the water aerobics started!! Ha ha I saw that the two of them nearly jumping out of their skins!! Admittedly at first  seeing this the reaction is really funny. But then of course I went over to explain that this is an activity we do everyday at the same time and it  only lasts for an  hour. I could see that they were a little annoyed but as soon as the crazy game was over they were fine again. The following day I was curious yet again to see the reaction of these particular clients, so i went out around the pool to check it out, sure enough at 12:30 there was the music again, but this time in true HCBI style they were in the pool and joining in with the rest of the guests. This  is something I see every other day and  never  tire of it.It is such a joy to see people change their minds and have fun with all of us: I love it, you´ll love it, everybody will love it!!


Security Karl

In August this year a very special young man called Karl came to stay in the hotel. Karl is 12 years old going on 30!! Over his first few days it became obvious that he was not the typical type of kid that went to the kids clubs. Karl just loved to be around the entertainment team all the time and soon he got to know all the entertainers, in particular big Wilson! He loved helping us organise the daytime sport activites, like darts, table tennis, pool and the water sports, he was fantastic at getting the rest of the guests to join in. After a few days the entertainers all agreed to promote Karl to  “assistant entertainer” and so we gave him a uniform to make it “official”!! Karl became the happiest kid on campus! A big help for us was also during the night shows, “Security Karl” made sure that all the kids were well away from the stage, as this is can be very distracting for the people on stage during the show, he was like our own professional bouncer, wicked! The thing that sticks out in my mind was the last night of our Karl. All  the entertainers were so sad that he was leaving, so i made sure to get him on the stage to show everyone how fantastic he had been. We all  had a tear in our eyes, even his daddy, these are the personal moments I never forget!!

Mister Bahamas Competition

Hotel Club Bahamas Ibiza
Too many funny things happen in this night, people think this is going to be your typical Mister Competition, but it is sheer class!!! The guys that get through to the finals in this competition always end up being friends for the rest of their holiday no matter what nationality they are, through the laughs, fun and games whether you are from Spain, Germany, Britain, Hollland everyone but everyone has the best time during the Mister Competition!!!
Remember when you are going to be partcipating in this competition you have to have the skin of a rhino, this year we had a young man from Germany participate in the fun and games which lead to his shirt being removed (due to a wrong answer of course) under that shirt was a very, very pink chest from taking in a few too many rays. From that moment, he became a new superhero, “Crab Man”, the jokes never stopped and because of being such a good sport and the backing of the public Mr. “Crab Man” did become “Mr. Bahamas” that night, but i am afraid to the rest of the hotel he was to be known as “Crab Man”, to this day Mr. "Crab Man" is still in contact with us all especially with out presenter Marcus who invented the genius which is "Crab Man"!! Hee hee!!

Hotel Club Bahamas Ibiza Experiences

Hotel Club Bahamas Ibiza_ early bookings
Hello everybody and welcome to your new Hotel Club Bahamas Ibiza Blog!
I have decided to move with the times and am very excited to communicate with all of you everything that has happened and will happen in HCBI.
Whether you are an old or new guest I want to hear from you! This blog is your chance to share with me and the rest of the HCBI family and friends your stories and experiences that you have had here with us.
Looking forward to hear from you!